This Working Man – Specifics

Since I am more than halfway through my trip for This Working Man, I think it is time to focus on getting a few of the working men I really want to capture.  Below are a few ideas for the types of work I’m looking for.  If you know of a fit man with an interesting face that has one of these as his profession and lives in one of the following states, please let me know!

- Logger
- Brick Layer
- Shoeshiner
- Fruit Picker
- Mechanic
- Barber
- Tailor
- Glass Blower
- Bartender
- Sandblaster
- Arborist
- Longshoreman
- Sheep Shearer


Located somewhere in or very near:

- Northern Idaho
- Eastern Washington
- Oregon
- California
- Arizona
- New Mexico
- Texas
- Louisiana
- Mississippi

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