This Working Man Halfway Point

Today marks the halfway point of my road trip across the US.  I can’t believe how fast it has gone.  I’m going a little bit slower than planned, though no slower than expected.  I may have to skip a rather large portion of the South on my way back to NY, but we’ll see…

I continue to be floored by the landscapes here.  Below is the view from a different ranch, farther south in Montana where I spent an afternoon following another cowboy.

From there I drove south over the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway into Wyoming.  I had to pull over countless times just to take in the view.

I stayed in Cody, WY for a few days and was fed contacts by the incredibly generous owners of the Proud Cut Saloon.  Haying, horse shoeing, and, of course, more rodeo.

On our way to stack giant towers of hay.

Behind the shoots before the bull riding starts at the Cody Nite Rodeo

Also had some down time, sitting in the shade on the deep porch of an old cowboy named Bob, just enjoying the cool breeze, as well as jumping into this breathtaking reservoir.

I am back in north west MT for a day or two before heading further towards the Pacific.  I am still looking for working men from Washington down through California and from New Mexico over to Mississippi, so keep those recommendations coming!

Also, don’t forget you can see many more photos on Instagram.


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