This Working Man Day 38

Since I last wrote, I’ve had a great time, but not exactly one of fruitful filming. My contacts in Missoula fell through so I didn’t get to shoot anything. But I did get to spend an amazing two days with a few personal heroes. It was a thrill and a great way to be re-inspired.

More spectacular landscapes driving into Idaho. That’s my trusty KIA there in the corner…

Come weekend, it gets harder to find working men, so I let myself have part of that time off to visit a family friend at her gorgeous lake home. I spent some time editing on the balcony as well as some time writing on the pier. But there was much hilarity and gin rummy playing too. Getting to swim in the heat of the day and then cozy up next to the fire when the power went out during a tremendous storm was truly the best of both worlds.

My editing setup, overlooking the lake.

Early morning on the pier.

Into Washington, I got to spend a day filming a barber (dreams do come true). A delicious meal with an old friend and then home cooking with a new one. Just the little moments of this trip are enough to make me never want it to end…

Sitting on the porch watching the sunset over Spokane, with a glass of wine and new friends.

As always, more (and better) photos on my Instagram.

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