This Working Man Day 28

North Dakota was not what I had been warned.  I met some wonderful folks.  I started the stay with plenty of wild story telling and delicious waffle fries amidst a couple of welders on the oil pipeline. On the drive back to the motel where the guys live semi-permanently, we spotted this gorgeously bright double rainbow whose end actually dipped into the nearby lake.

Next morning up at 4:30 am to get to the site – it was only 44 degrees out but it was a beautiful and misty drive.  And once they got going, it was pretty mesmerizing to watch the welding line move down the miles of pipe.

Another night of yet even more wild story telling and waffle fries and then back on the road for me. Checking out of the motel, I noticed this strange little happening.  I couldn’t help but snap a photo.  This little guy was apparently very intent on something…

A few hours in Williston (which didn’t seem like the lawless wild west town everyone made it out to be – but I didn’t stick around for night fall).  My first stop in Montana was the Bison Bar in Miles City.  According to one of the welders who used to be a cowboy in MT, this was the spot for me to do some casting.  I did get a few contacts, but mostly I just danced to country music, laughed at more tall tales and turned down drinks.  All were fast friends.  I still can’t believe how incredibly warm and open everyone has been on this trip!

Though, the next morning, trying to blend with the locals at the breakfast joint on Main St. was a bit more challenging…

Regardless, I was invited to join one of the local ranchers at his ranch a little outside of town.  We had an incredible afternoon.  I shot for a while on horseback – it was challenging, to say the least.

Eventually we switched to a four wheeler and drove over just a small portion of his astonishingly diverse and beautiful ranch.

The rancher’s family also runs a veritable canning factory in the basement of their cozy log cabin.  I scored some choke cherry syrup and pickled green beans.  I can’t wait to dive into those…

Just two of the many many shelves of treats: peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, pears, tomatoes, pickles, pickled jalapenos and green beans, salsa, spaghetti sauce and more!

Tomorrow, I have no idea!


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  • Wow! Are you SURE you have a movie out of this and not just an absolutely AMAZING secret key into the back door lives of all of America? What an experience. Thank you for sharing. And truly, can’t wait to see the magic you weave out of it all!

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