This Working Man Day 20

From PA I drove to Columbus, OH where I encountered extreme heat and sun for the first time on this trip.  It feels like it’s officially summertime now.  Landscaping and bread baking are both jobs that can get a little too warm at this time of year…

From Ohio, through Indiana and into Illinois.  Stopped in Chicago for a day of editing in the studio of my talented and inspiring friend, Jo Dery.

Jo sketches over our morning coffee

Editing in Jo’s studio

I’ve been in Iowa now for a few days.  I have to admit, I’m surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed this state – both its landscape and its population.  I continue to be nearly shocked at the generosity of the people I have encountered.

View of the Wapsipinicon

Had some successful planned shoots as well as a few I’ve stumbled into.  Spent last evening in the kitchen at Cobble Hill Restaurant where I was not only allowed to film the chef, but also taste a plethora of deliciousness. (Thanks to everyone in the kitchen for feeding me while letting me get in their way.)  I should film in restaurants more often…

Both beautiful and delicious: (Left) Pork Belly with pickled rhubarb, poached egg, creamed spinach, olive-sesame crumble and local greens. (Right) Cracker Jack desert with jellied caramel cubes, peanut crumble, cocoa covered popcorn, buttered popcorn ice cream and cinnamon basil.

As usual, more photos on Instragram.

I have no idea where I will go next!  Suggestions for South and North Dakota still welcome.

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