The Aatsinki Season: Official Launch

Thanks to the hard work of our creative technologist team, Mike Knowlton and Hal Siegel of Murmur, we have launched the first installment of the online interactive companion to Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys, called The Aatsinki Season.

Screen shot from The Aatsinki Season

While the film focuses on the Aatsinki family and their deep bond with their reindeer and the land, The Aatsinki Season is an interactive debate that draws attention to the social, environmental, political, and moral issues that define what it means to be a reindeer herder in Finnish Lapland. Expanding the themes of the film, the online companion challenges each participant to reconsider his or her assumptions about technology, food production, and, most critically, man’s place in nature. Episodes of The Aatsinki Season will be released in seasonal installments over the course of the coming year, coordinated to coincide with the most important events of the herding schedule.

We ran a bit behind on the opening installment (blame Hurricane Sandy), but we are excited to finally be sharing it with you. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think!

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