POV Hackathon

Those of you who know us, know we have big plans for Aatsinki. We’ve been working on the film, of course, but we’ve also been outlining a online companion element that will be equal parts story, game, and educational study guide — a technological “Choose Your Own Adventure,” if you will.

Planning is one thing, but execution is an entirely different matter, which is why we’re excited to announce that we were one of the five filmmakers to be accepted into the POV Hackathon. On August 11th and 12th we’ll be paired with Creative Technologists Mike Knowlton and Hal Siegel who will help us figure out how to make the concept a reality. We’re not expecting to sleep much during the Hackathon and it seems like pizza will be our main source of energy, but when we’re done, we’re hoping to have a whole new world to play in!

Thank you, POV, for selecting Aatsinki!

Summer Herding: Calves are numbered in order to identify their mothers.

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