Final Screening

The Tribeca Film Festival is finally drawing to a close. We have only one screening left – tonight at 10pm!
We’ve had an amazing week full of new experiences, packed screenings, sight seeing and lots and lots of coffee. Once again, I didn’t take any photos, but here are a few from Raisa’s camera.

Thanks so much to everyone who made it out for the screenings. And for those of you who don’t live in NY, we hope to be coming your way soon! Check our new screenings page to see where we are playing next.

Raisa and Aarne enjoy Cosmopolitans at the TFI party

Aarne gets a lesson on how to eat with chopsticks

It was Aarne’s first time bowling, yet he still nearly tripled my pathetic score. Raisa didn’t do too bad either. I wish I could say I was just trying to make them look good with that score, but unfortunately, I’m really that bad…

Loved the Salla logo on Aarne’s sweatshirt. It made every shot into a laugh.

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