Orbit(film) New York

Last night’s Orbit(film) New York premiere at Rooftop Films sold out! A few of the filmmakers – Mike Plante, Mark Rosenberg, Ben Coonley, Kelly Sears and I – were all there to contradict each other in the Q&A, then hang out in the courtyard sweating. It was actually a blast.
And it was my first time seeing all the films in the program – what a treat.
The films play again tonight in Philadelphia, don’t miss it!

More Orbits

Orbit(Film) is launching. A new poster, a kickstarter page and a new booking.

The Awesome Fest
Philidelphia, PA
Sun, 07/24/2011
7:30pm – 10:00pm

And the Orbit(Film) team is looking to raise some funds. If you are interested in seeing the films, please give.

Plus, a neat little factoid from one of the film’s producers, Mark Rosenberg:
The Chinese word for “astronaut” is “yǔhángyuán” — 宇航员 — which literally means “sailing personnel in universe.”

Orbit(film) in NY

Orbit(film), the omnibus of planetary creativity, (which includes my short film Venus) is going to be playing in New York this summer as part of the exciting line-up for Rooftop Films.
Saturday, July 23rd at 8pm.
Hope to see you there.

A still from Venus

Launch of OrbitFilm

The feature-length omnibus OrbitFilm, (of which my short film Venus is a part) will be premiering in its full glory at the Aurora Picture Show next month as part of a larger event, including music, garden tours and eats. If you are going to be in the Houston area on March 18th, be sure to check it out.

And just to pique your interest, here’s a still from Venus.

Sundance Recap and Finland Preview

Just back from Sundance last night, where I met some incredible people and had a blast. But I only saw one film. Disgraceful. The only screening I attended of my own short was sold out, and the event was introduced by Gloria Steinem. It was pretty incredible. I also got to tell Isabella Rossellini that I like bugs too.

Now I’m on my way to Finland for a few screenings of Beetle Queen at DocPoint Helsinki, following which Jari and I will be off to Lapland for some quality Aatsinki time. A big meeting between herders about the predator problem, snowmobiling, and hand-made reindeer-skin boots.  Lots to look forward to.

Getting ready for Sundance

Jessica leaves next week for Park City with her short film Venus.  
We just got the postcards printed. What do you think?

Venus was made to be part of a larger program called OrbitFilm – a collaborative project between a dozen filmmakers, produced by Mike Plante and Mark Rosenberg.  The other OrbitFilm piece playing at Sundance is called Jupiter Elicius, made by Kelly Sears.

Screening times for Venus here.
Screening times for Kelly’s film here.