Back to Morocco

Arrived in Casa early this morning where I’ll be recording sound for a film for the next two weeks.
Promising first day.

The Crew.

Photo by our awesome Line Producer, Casey Sciesvzka. (Her blog has more pictures.)

Restaurant Day

Saturday was Restaurant Day (Ravintola Päivä) in Helsinki. Which means anyone (ANY one) is allowed to open a restaurant for one day. People cook four-course meals and then take reservations for their living room, shoe stores set up tables for dinner, offices sell coffee and cupcakes. It’s pretty joyous.
I chose to eat lunch at the outdoor southern barbeque joint set up by a film production company called Bufo. In perfect Helsinki style, the -20 degree weather didn’t deter anyone from enjoying the amazing pulled pork sandwiches.

Sound designer Karri Niinivaara stirs a giant pot of sauce

Can you imagine what a disaster this would be in the US?

Kuichisan in Helsinki

Kuichisan (Directed by Maiko Endo and Co-produced by Yours Truly) is playing at DocPoint Helsinki! One screening only, Sunday January 29th at 21:45.
I will be there. Will you?

A still from Kuichisan

Goodbye Morocco, Hello Helsinki

Goodnight warm weather and sunshine. Good morning snow and frozen ocean.

Casablanca ocean view

Helsinki ocean view (a little out of focus because I was shooting through a window)


Fes is famous for its traditional tanneries. Yesterday we were suckered into seeing a few of them.
The composition of the ammonia (the vats of pale green) is 100% natural and, in a recipe dating back hundreds and hundreds of years, is primarily salt and pigeon droppings.
The smell is pretty potent. Every visitor is handed a fresh sprig of mint as they enter, to help counter the fumes.


From the roof our Riad, we can see onto the roof of our neighbor who is, apparently, a silk dyer.
This morning he had a new color he was drying and the sheen looked pretty spectacular in the sunlight…
(See previous post, Evening in Fes, for some more color samples.)

Finished products in the medina


Traditional carvings are made from a mixture of marble dust, egg whites and plaster. The carver is paid according to the weight of the dust he creates as he carves. The more dust, the more money he makes. So more intricate designs with deep, black negative space are much more expensive.

These particular carvings are from a Madrasah (school of the Koran) in the middle of the Fes medina.

Evening in Fes

Darin listens to the evening call to prayer

Men wash before evening prayer


Drove to a beach near Rabat. Much too cold to swim, but poked around some empty tide pools… Literally nothing but snails.
And why is it so neat to see these giant concrete jacks piled together?

Rabat Part II

Rabat feels like a ‘locals’ city. Everybody was out on Sunday afternoon.