The first This Working Man Video!

As many of you know, I’ve been on the road since July 1st. I’ve travelled 2400 miles and filmed more than a dozen men doing what they love for my new series This Working Man – the first installment of which I’m excited to release today!

Episode 1 features Steven Bronstein, a talented blacksmith from Vermont. I had a wonderful time in his workshop the other day, filming and talking art.  Check it out here.

I’m currently in Ohio, meandering toward the Pacific, so if you know of any working men in the western or southern parts of the country, please let me know – I’ll do my best to meet them before I head home at the end of August!

This Working Man Day 14

Spent the last few days in Pennsylvania, making new friends and filming.  Special thanks to “Red,” “Jew,” Fatso,” and “Jowl” for letting me practically move in with them. A minor streak of bad luck involving a damaged sound cable and – most disappointingly – not being able to film at the rodeo, but still had a blast.  Gardening, horse races and learning to swing dance (thanks Rockwell!) were highlights.

Not many photos (and no good ones, sorry)…  Check instagram instead.

This sweet little guy was just one of the many pleasures of getting my hands dirty in Colette’s garden

Me leading a horse (what?!?) back to pasture after some cinematic grooming

Chad and Rockwell behind the shoots at the Malibu Rodeo


Day 9

So, after filming on the lobster boat, I took a day to recover from the heavy dose of dramamine and look at some of my footage.  My friends Jerri and John let me stay at their beautiful home on the coast of Maine and Jerri let me set up my portable edit suite in her studio.  It was the perfect way to spend the day, taking dips in the ocean between renders.

Editing in Jerri’s studio

Later that night, Jerri and John set off a pretty impressive display of fireworks from their lower deck, to make up for my missed 4th celebrations.

Jerri and John light “The Box”

Yesterday I picked up my friend Michelle in Bath, ME and we headed back to VT to check out some curious sites for Atlas Obscura (I’ll let you know when her piece goes live). We drove most of the way through the rain, but Vermont is so spectacular in the mist.

And we saw some funky and fantastic things.  My favorite was the Fairbanks Museum – which exceeded both of our expectations.

The Fairbanks Museum

Though I can’t leave out the Spider Web Farm we visited in St. Johnsbury.  The 87-year-old who runs the place lets orb weavers make their webs in these frames he built for them and then mounts the webs on wood for sale in his tiny shop.  I couldn’t resist!

Spider web frames

We also visited the large granite quarry in Barre.  It was spectacular.  But despite my best efforts to find some working fellows, there were only 8 men amidst the giant rocks.  Almost everything is done by machine now – to my great disappointment.

Tomorrow I drop Michelle back in NY and then head back out into the wilds.  I am really taking the plunge here as I have very few contacts between NY and Chicago.  If you know anyone…

And don’t forget that I joined instagram!  More photos there.

Day 6 and Instagram

What an incredible time I have had so far.  Just the most generous and amazing people, talented artists and workers, fireflies, lightning storms, beaches, and dramamine.  A lifetime of stories – just in these first 6 days…  A few pics below, but I tend to keep my camera in my bag when I am not shooting actual video, so I am trying to take more photos with my phone.  Thus, I have broken down and joined instagram.  Crazy news.  I know.  I will still be posting here, though, too.

Got up early early this morning to head out onto a lobster boat on Deer Isle.  What a kick.

Timmy takes us out into the 5 am sun

Aaron gussied me up in some true fishermen’s gear, but I failed to capture it here. I really have to work on my aim…

Design*Sponge and On The Road

Last week I did an interview with Grace Bonney for Design*Sponge’s radio show, After the Jump. We had a blast.  You can check it out here.

I am also now officially two-days into my road trip across the US for This Working Man.

Already I’ve seen old friends and made new ones.  And this morning I went filming with a pig butcher.  Below is the view (and windowsill) from his house/shop. It has rained non-stop since I arrived in VT yesterday, but it’s gorgeous here.  And delicious fresh-cut pork chops for lunch!


New Project – Help Needed

I am so excited to announce my new project, This Working Man.

Starting July 1st, I will be taking a cross-country road trip to make a series of short films about men at work. The project is about practiced motion, kinetic movement, bodies, forms, masculinity, and physicality. Each portrait focuses on one man at work, idealizing the grace of practice and the exuberance of a job well done.

Here’s where you come in. I’m looking to you to help me find some working men that are camera ready.

There are some criteria that must be followed, but basically I’m open to recommendations! Please help by submitting suggestions via this form I created specifically for you.

I can hardly wait to get on the road!