Mysteries of Vernacular: Jade

From magical gemstones to scientific discoveries, Mysteries of Vernacular: Jade has it all.

Mysteries of Vernacular: Quarantine

The library is more than half full! Check out our latest episode, about the roots of the word Quarantine.

Mysteries of Vernacular: Gorgeous

The new episode of Mysteries of Vernacular is Gorgeous, if we do say so ourselves.

Mysteries of Vernacular: Keister

Are people always telling you to get off your Keister? Well, we think you should stay put and watch the latest episode of Mysteries of Vernacular!

Mysteries of Vernacular: Window

We’ve got another one for you!!
The history of the word Window.

Stepping up

TED-Ed is stepping up their release schedule and throwing more Mysteries of Vernacular your way on a regular basis.
Check out another brand new episode today!

More Mysteries!

A new dynamite Mysteries of Vernacular is live.
Check it out here.

The latest Mysteries of Vernacular

Our most recent Mysteries of Vernacular, about the word Inaugurate, is now live!
Birds, superstitions and politics… How far we’ve come.

In the Studio

I spent an evening in the studio with Eli Janney and Nate Shaw composing the music for the next few Mysteries of Vernacular.
It was a trip. And I am so excited for the piece we came up with.

Eli mixes it up

Nate lays down the organ section


Entomology and Etymology

The latest Mysteries of Vernacular blends two of my favorite subjects by studying the history of the name Earwig.