New Project!

My ideaphoria got the best of me and I had to start something new. It’s a series of short animations about the history of language called Mysteries of Vernacular.
Check it out at

Behind the Scenes

Santa’s Workshop

New elves join the ranks!
Sam Colon on the left and Alex Bader on the right. (And trusty Anthony there in the middle.)
They are all busy busy busy prepping illustrations for the very beginnings of our fairy tale animation for The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga!

Kuichisan Premiere and Review

Congratulations to Maiko on her world premiere. Wish I could have been in Copenhagen!
This looks like a great review in one of Copenhagen’s leading papers, though I can’t be sure…
The word “Ultracool” has to mean the same in every language, right?

A still from Kuichisan

In the Studio

The team behind the animated fairy tale portion of my film, The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga, is growing. Michelle Enemark as animator and Devin Dobrowolski as illustrator are both incredibly talented artists that I am so excited to be working with.

This week Michelle, Rachael and I all convened at Devin’s studio to map out the animation. We have spent several intense days planning, testing, and story-boarding the story from start to finish.

I’m posting a few pictures of us at work, but tune-in tomorrow for some sneak-peaks of Devin’s sketches.

Devin and Jessica discuss layout

Michelle running tests on layers and images

Rachael annotates the fairy tale narration

Devin is assisted by our intern Noreen who joined us for a few hours today

Kuichisan World Premiere!

So proud to announce that the film I co-produced, Kuichisan, will be premiering at CPH:DOX in just a few short weeks.

The director, Maiko Endo, will be there in person with a good portion of the cast and crew including Raizo Ishihara, Eleonore Hendricks and cinematographer, Sean Price Williams.

So disappointed I can’t be there. But if anyone happens to be in Copenhagen the second week of November, I urge you to check it out. The CPH:DOX programmers are calling it “the discovery of the year.”

Cinereach Does It Again

My good friend (and producer on Beetle Queen) Maiko Endo was just awarded a Cinereach grant for her film Kuichisan that we have been producing together. (Also shot by Sean Price Williams.)
Cinereach. Is. Awesome.
And so is Maiko’s movie.

A still from Kuichisan

Better than Elves

Our newest intern, Eli Mellen, is a graduate student at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. Given his current research in narrative geography and his background in documentary film, animation, and literature, we knew right away he would be a valuable addition to the team. Eli will be posting some stimulating blog entries, so stay tuned. Welcome, Eli!

And back for another year of blissful hard work, Anthony Svatek has been promoted from intern to, well, something else. Though we don’t yet have a label for him, he covers all sorts of territory for Myriapod and we are pleased as punch to have him back in the office. Anthony is an undergrad at Tisch Film School and is currently working on a short documentary about about village life in Guatemalan highlands. Welcome back, Anthony!

Changing Formats

Just a quick note to say that we are changing things up a little bit. So don’t be shocked by the GIANT photos that we will be posting from now on.

In Theaters

I went to see Attack the Block this weekend.
Best movie of 2011.
See it.

Sorry for the ads in the trailer, but Yahoo was the only place with the original trailer – far superior to the theatrical re-edited version.

BQ in UK

Sean Price Williams and I just wrapped a short Beetle Queen tour of Great Britain in preparation for its official opening next month at the ICA in London. I am in love with the UK.

Between London and my few days in Helsinki, I have been privileged to dine with two artists whose work influences my own. Dick Fontaine attended one of our preview screenings in London and joined us afterward for Italian. A few days later, I was generously invited to attend a dinner for Andy Goldsworthy at the British Embassy in Helsinki.

I am in awe.

Tonight I leave for Lapland for the spring round up. Check back soon for details….