Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for…

We will be releasing a home-use DVD of Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo on May 17th, the same day we broadcast our edited-for-TV version on Independent Lens. The DVD, released by Factory 25, contains the theatrical (90 minute) version of the film, some cool extras and is already available for pre-order in our online store!

Even if you aren’t interested in purchasing (though you should be) we encourage you to add the film to your Netflix queue. The more people request it on Netflix, the better chance we have of them actually buying a bulk order. So don’t forget to save it to your queue!

Beetle Queen Guest: Dr. Kevin Dann

Check out the first post by our guest contributor Dr. Kevin Dann on the Beetle Queen Journal. Kevin shared an old newspaper article he had written several years ago, complete with faded photos. And then wrote a follow up to the article which will be posted on Wednesday. So be sure to check back then!

New Item in the Beetle Queen Shop!

We recently printed a very limited run of Beetle Queen paperback treats.
50 pages of full-color stills from the film with elegant black and white foil-stamped cover.

Signed by Beetle Queen cinematographer Sean Price Williams.

Now available in the Beetle Queen shop.

Impeccably printed by Darin Grassman at Edition One Books.