Beetle Queen Educational DVD on Sale!

In collaboration with our new educational distributor Collective Eye, we just lowered our prices on all three options of the Educational DVD. In addition to the full film, this edition also contains the 52-minute version and a lot of thrilling extras, such as the Beetle Queen study guide, more interviews with Dr.Yoro and the full essay on which the film was based. For those not in education who want their own private copy, the public library option is a pretty sweet deal.

Beetle Queen Educational DVD case

Beetle Queen Educational DVD case

Beetle Queen in the UK, Part II

Beetle Queen will soon be available for purchase in the UK!  The DVD (packaged by Edition Rise and Shine and released by November Films,) will be released on January 16th and will be available from our UK web shop, on Amazon UK and, if you have a good one, at your local independent DVD shop.  Beetle Queen will also be available on iTunes VOD in the UK on the same day! 

Beetle Queen Holiday Discount

In accordance with the season, we are currently offering a 15% discount on every item in the Beetle Queen shop — DVDs, t-shirts, soundtracks, and more!
In order to receive your package before Christmas, please order by December 19th. Just type the code BQHOLIDAYS11 when you check out to apply the discount to everything in your cart.

Happy Holidays from Jessica, Rachael and Anthony!

A still from Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Beetle Queen Wins Albert Maysles Award

We’re excited and honored that Beetle Queen won the Albert Maysles Award at this year’s Dallas Video Fest.
Thank you, Al!

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Last week I was incredibly lucky to take part in a formal Japanese Tea Ceremony at the Japanese Embassy in Helsinki.

Thin tea presentation

We participated in both a thin tea ceremony and a very beautiful and formal thick tea ceremony. But my favorite was actually the incense ceremony.

Incense Ceremony

The incense ceremony is called Kōdō (Way of the Fragrance) and like a tea ceremony, much attention is paid to the delicate and myriad tools as well as to the complex choreography of preparation. The woman leading the ceremony instructed us that we aren’t supposed to ‘smell’ the incense, we are supposed to ‘listen’ to it. She carefully showed us the breathing pattern for ‘listening’ to the incense.

The whole thing was a pretty magical experience.

Thick Tea Ceremony

Beetle Queen Sale!

From now until the 1st of September, everything in the Beetle Queen shop is on sale!
10% off with the discount code BQSUMMER11.
On top of that, our beautiful Beetle Queen posters are even more deeply discounted – $8 a pop – that’s more than half-off with the discount code.
We are making room for the upcoming projects!

Beetle Queen’s Official UK Opening

Beetle Queen will be playing at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts from July 1 through July 7. Times vary (please visit their website for more information), and Jessica will be doing a Skype Q&A after the screening on July 2. We’re really excited to be doing such a long run at this artistic and cultural center…or is it centre?

A still from Beetle Queen

BQ in UK

Sean Price Williams and I just wrapped a short Beetle Queen tour of Great Britain in preparation for its official opening next month at the ICA in London. I am in love with the UK.

Between London and my few days in Helsinki, I have been privileged to dine with two artists whose work influences my own. Dick Fontaine attended one of our preview screenings in London and joined us afterward for Italian. A few days later, I was generously invited to attend a dinner for Andy Goldsworthy at the British Embassy in Helsinki.

I am in awe.

Tonight I leave for Lapland for the spring round up. Check back soon for details….

Beetle Queen’s Big Day

Don’t forget! Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo will be screening tonight on Independent Lens!
Be sure to check your local listings for exact screening times.

Also, our Beetle Queen Home-Use DVD is officially available as of today.
All proceeds from sales made through our online shop go directly toward funding our next films, The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga and Pipe Fire, so buying Beetle Queen from us is a great way to support our past and future work!

On Japan and the coming weeks

It has been good to hear from all our friends in Japan, but it makes it that much more difficult to imagine the desperation and shock there. As we can now see, the repercussions of this earthquake could be much more dramatic than was first revealed.

To give, text REDCROSS to 90999 for a $10 donation.

On a completely different note, I will be spending the next three weeks working on The Vanquishing at The MacDowell Colony. It is a tremendous honor to have been selected as a resident.
Check out the cabin where I will be working.