New York Premiere

Tickets for the world premiere of Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys at the Tribeca Film Festival go on sale today! (April 9th for American Express cardholders, April 15th for the general public.)

We recommend you purchase your ticket as soon as possible – we’re hoping for a full theater.

And those tickets are like gold because we will be joined by some very special guests. Aarne Aatsinki and his wife Raisa Korpela will be coming all the way from Lapland to attend the first two screenings on April 20th and April 21st. We can’t wait to introduce you to these incredible people!

It is going to be epic.

Aatsinki at Hot Docs

Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys will be having it’s international premiere at Hot Docs Film Festival at the end of April/beginning of May. Nearly jumping in my seat to see all the other films and filmmakers in the line-up. Also looking forward to taking some time at the ROM and eating plenty of hot dogs. Can’t wait, Toronto!

Aatsinki Season at TFI Interactive Day

Mike Knowlton (programmer of The Aatsinki Season) and I will be giving a little talk at the TFI Interactive Day.
From the TFI website:

TFI Interactive Day is in its second year and assembles the brightest thinkers and innovators from the worlds of film, media, gaming, technology and society to explore storytelling in the digital age through an all-day forum.

So, that’s us! The brightest thinkers and innovators! I’m so honored to be among that line-up. It promises to be a very interesting day.
I hope you’ll join us!

A still from The Aatsinki Season

AATSINKI World Premiere!!

We are thrilled to announce that the world premiere of Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys will take place at Tribeca Film Festival in New York City! The dates for the festival are April 17-28, and we are honored to be part of Tribeca’s documentary competition section.

Check back here for more information as the date gets closer.

We can’t wait to share this movie with all of you!

The Winter Season

Over the year and a half that I filmed Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys in Finnish Lapland, the reindeer herders became my second family. Though I’m not able to visit the Aatsinkis as often as I would like, we talk and email frequently – about our families, about our lives, and about their story.

Thanks to their openness and support, I am proud to announce the release of the second installment of The Aatsinki Season, the film’s interactive companion website. The Aatsinkis have truly gone above and beyond, sharing both their time and knowledge to help bring people around the world into their lives. Winter is one of the most challenging times of year for the herders, but not for the reasons you might expect.

The interactive makes me feel like I’m back in Lapland, seeing the joys and struggles of the herding lifestyle through their eyes. Whether or not you’ve spent time in northern Finland, I hope you have a similar experience – and that you check back in a few months to see where their story takes us in the spring!

I look forward to hearing what you think!

Visit The Aatsinki Season

The Aatsinki Season: Official Launch

Thanks to the hard work of our creative technologist team, Mike Knowlton and Hal Siegel of Murmur, we have launched the first installment of the online interactive companion to Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys, called The Aatsinki Season.

Screen shot from The Aatsinki Season

While the film focuses on the Aatsinki family and their deep bond with their reindeer and the land, The Aatsinki Season is an interactive debate that draws attention to the social, environmental, political, and moral issues that define what it means to be a reindeer herder in Finnish Lapland. Expanding the themes of the film, the online companion challenges each participant to reconsider his or her assumptions about technology, food production, and, most critically, man’s place in nature. Episodes of The Aatsinki Season will be released in seasonal installments over the course of the coming year, coordinated to coincide with the most important events of the herding schedule.

We ran a bit behind on the opening installment (blame Hurricane Sandy), but we are excited to finally be sharing it with you. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think!

Myriapod Shop NOW Online

It’s here! The brand-spanking-new Myriapod Productions Online Shop is officially open!

In addition to all the familiar Beetle Queen items, you can now get your mitts on the stylish Aatsinki t-shirts (Men’s and Women’s, available in various sizes) and the rugged Arctic Cowboy temporary tattoos!

We are really proud of the shop and grateful for all the help we received putting it together. We’ve added some behind-the-scenes snapshots from the photo shoot with Luke Fontana. Our good friends Camille de Chenay (set photographer) and Charlie Birns (filmmaker) modeled. They were naturals.

We hope you’ll find something you like!

Note: Kickstarter backers will receive their t-shirts and tattoos as soon as the rest of the Kickstarter rewards are in. We sincerely apologize for the delay! If you *must* have your t-shirt now, as opposed to waiting until the DVD is ready – which, we warn you, will take several months – we would be happy to negotiate a second, separate shipping fee. Please send us a message and we’ll make it happen. Thank you for understanding!

Photo shoot

The Aatsinki t-shirts have finally arrived!! We’ll be opening the shiny new Myriapod Productions online shop on Tuesday, October 23rd. Though we’ll be featuring must-have items from all of our projects, we’re most excited to show you the new Aatsinki swag. Men’s and women’s shirts as well as temporary tattoos will soon be available!

The series of images below is cracking me up. I asked Aarne and Lasse to let me take photos of them in their new t-shirts. Despite having allowed me to film them for the past year, neither brother is very comfortable in front of the camera when asked to pose.

And below is Julius – Lasse’s youngest – rocking the temporary tattoos.

Private Screenings

So, I just hosted two private screenings of Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys, one for funders and friends in Helsinki and one for my adopted family and the other herders in Lapland. Talk about stress.

It is incredibly important to me that the Aatsinkis and the other herders like the film, so I was a bit of a wreck leading up to the screenings.

But, finally, I can sleep in peace. The screenings were a great success, and — despite projection issues at both events — everyone seemed to love the film. It meant a lot to be able to share the film at these small, private events before we launch into the festival circuit. I am over the moon right now.

The private screening for some of the herders in Salla.

You can probably guess…

Sorry for the radio silence here. You can probably guess where I am. I promise to write an update when I have a bit more time.

Always a good time for a call