Best Road Trip Ever

14 hours in the car was a bit much, but it was an incredible adventure.
After months of drought, the country has finally been doused in rain – flooding roads, creating small landslides, and making for some intense off-roading.

But it wasn’t until we were really off the beaten path that the adventure started. We decided to take a short detour – about 42 kilometers out of our way – to see this spectacular gorge.

But once we passed the gorge, the road disappeared and we had to bump our way across endless dry river beds, muddy hillsides and countless rocky ledges.

That 42 kilometers took us more than three hours.
But it was the best part of the trip. After more than an hour without seeing any sign of civilization, we stumbled onto a tiny community of nomadic Berbers. It seemed as if they were completely cut off from the outside world. Their tents were tucked into little horizontal cracks in the hillside and it was astonishing the way the children appeared out of no where, materializing by the car as we drove past. We couldn’t communicate with them and we couldn’t stop for long, but it was amazing to catch a glimpse into such an independent way of life.
The only photos I got are stuck on my iPod, but Casey’s photos of the landscapes are prettier anyway.

Craig and Aziz take in the view

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